API Service

Interesting to use our API services on your website? We provide free API that you can to embed using iframe on your website. Please follow the steps below to get started.

Copy and paste code below on page that you expected to show. Don't forget to change VIDEO_ID to YouTube Video ID.

<iframe class="iframe" width="100%" height="40px" scrolling="no" src="http://ytdl.co/api/embed?v=VIDEO_ID"></iframe>

Some parameters you can use:

vstringYouTube Video ID
Default: null
typestringThe type of conversion.
Accepted value of types: mp3,mp4.
Default: mp3 (separate by comma).
domainstringDomain name to append to filename.
Default: ytdl.co
css_urlstringCustom css file if you don't want using our default style.No
mp3_btn_textstringCustom button text for mp3 download button.
Available tag: {size}
Default: Download Mp3 ({size})
mp4_btn_textstringCustom button text for mp4 download button.
Available tag: {size}
Default: Download Mp4 ({size})

The result of our iframe API will be like this:

Thanks if you are using our API service.
For more questions about our API, please contact us :)