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Copy the video URL from that you are looking to download. You can copy it from the search bar using Ctrl + C !


Paste the video URL in the search field and then hit the Convert button. You can also use Ctrl + V shortcut to paste your URL !


You will have an option to choose from MP3 and MP4 format. Click the Download button to download your desired format !

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is a tool to convert and download videos from youtube to mp3 | mp4 format ! Now download and save youtube videos free of cost ! There is no need for any type of registration to use our youtube downloader and it’s 100% safe to use !

YouTube Converter helps you to convert your video from a youtube video to mp3 & mp4 format and makes it downloadable ! Once the video is converted you can download it on your device easily using the download button provided ! It is 100% free, unlimited and comes with fast conversion as well as downloading speed ! Enjoy the best version of youtube converter and downloader at one place !

YouTube To MP3 Converter Features

Free To Use

This tool is 100% free to use, you don't need to pay any charges or any kind of registration is required to use. It's going to be free for lifetime ! Cheers !

Best Quality

It provides the best quality available to download for both mp3 & mp4 format plus you get the direct download links without any advertising pages !

Fast & Secure

Our servers provide the best downloading speed for your downloads. You also don't need to worry about your privacy as our website is 100 safe !

YouTube To MP3

Converting a video from youtube to mp3 is quite simple using youtube downloader. This tutorial is about converting and downloading a youtube video to mp3 format. You just need to follow the simple step by step instructions given below :

  • First of all copy the URL of the youtube video you are wanting the mp3 format You can copy URL from the browser’s search bar of from the share tab if you are using youtube app on Android or iOS. Make sure your URL is correct and not edited or a special one like from start from or from any playlist, you may see a error if you use such URL ! Here a screenshot of one of correct format :

youtube to mp3 converter

  • Once you paste or enter your URL, just press the convert button to start the conversion process which will take only a few seconds. After the process finishes you will be displayed a list of formats available for your video to download like in the screenshot below :
youtube to mp3
YouTube To MP3
  • Just tap the download button in front of your desired format and it will start downloading. Download speed may vary due to high download requests, your download will finish quickly and will be saved to your local storage ! Enjoy !

The downloading speed for yt to mp3 format might be a bit slower as compared to downloading a yt to mp4 video format. Therefore, you need to be patient with the downloading part and don’t worry, all your downloads will be completed as quickly as possible !

YouTube To MP4

Our Download also provides youtube to mp4 conversion along with mp3 converter which is also free of cost. When you enter your URL in the converter, it converts your video into two formats which are the best ones available of mp3 and mp4. You can then choose which one to download by selecting the format and using the download button which shows just like in the screenshot given below :

youtube to mp4
YouTube To MP4

Note: We have now updated our tool to provide a one-click download for the best version available for both yt to mp3 and yt to mp4 format. Now you can choose mp3 or mp4 version and use the download button to download that format. We have removed different version from our converter as we feel sharing the best versions for both of the formats will be the best idea. The ytdl youtube converter and downloader is now faster, safer and very easy to use. Moreover, if you are in need of a feature you can contact us and we will work on it. If you have any opinions and complaints regarding our website, you can contact using our contact page ! Thank You !

How To Download YouTube Video ?

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very easy to convert youtube video. Just copy and paste your video URL in the converter and press ‘Convert’ button. It will be converted to mp4 & mp3 format automatically !

Once you convert your video, you will get a list of formats available to download. Just hit the download button in front of your desired format and it will start downloading !

We have updated our tool to provide the best version available for both mp3 & mp4 format. You can just select which format you want and it will download the best one available.

Once you paste your video URL in the converter, you will see mp3 download links using which you can download audio formats of your video. You can download mp3 files from the mp3 section !

Recheck your URL once or try disabling your ad blocker if you have. Note that you will not be able to download paid youtube videos !

Shorter Link:

Long Link:

Mobile Link:

Our downloader support all youtube links, therefore, you do not need to worry about different youtube urls !

Downloading process for IOS devices is the same as all other platforms. You just need to give permission to download video and have to open the video and press save video button after downloading to save it in the Photos app !

It is not Illegal to download videos from youtube unless you are playing with copyrights !

Yes, you can download HD youtube videos if it is available to download. Not all youtube videos can be downloaded in HD !

We are offering youtube conversion and downloading service free of cost. Moreover, no registration is required to use our service !

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